Etna’s climate is very varied due to its great height (3350m a.s.l) and the vast area it covers (1300km)  At its base(from 0 to 1000m a.s.l).
Mild – hot climateScarse rainfallsAverage temperatures of coldest month between 4 and 9 °C; above 20°C for 4 months a year.From 1000-1200m to 2600m a.s.l.Mild – cold climateHeavy snow fall in winter months especially over 2000 metres.Fog and heavy rainStrong winds from the west and north west.Average temperature for coldest month 4°C; it doesn’t get hotter than 20 °C in the hottest months.
Above 2600m a.s.lCold climateAverage monthly temperatures never reach 10 °C”